Our Story

Working dogs for over 30 years has been my passion. From my own dogs to helping others with theirs, I look forward to helping you with yours.

​I have worked in and volunteered at shelters in Fl and RI, am a Canine Massage Therapist, Certified Canine Athlete Specialist, AKC CGC evaluator, Search and Rescue canine handler and I am a Judge for UKC  and USCSS Scentwork. I teach puppy classes, basic obedience, fungility and nose work classes and work privately training with families. I love helping people create the beautiful bond with their dog and understand each others needs. I love helping with problems in the home and finding solutions.

I have nationally certified 3 of my dogs in human remains detection and trailing. I was a supervisor for both trailing and detection for Sarasota K9 Search and Rescue in Florida and was on the team for 12 years. I have attended training at NAPWDA, Randy Hare, SWFLSAR, NASAR, CSAR Water Detection, NCSAR, MSAR, GAK9 and online webinars for detection, and for several years and currently continue to work with Conni Borwick animal behaviorist as my mentor. As a supervisor with SSAR, I oversaw various trainings for detection and trailing, assisted with testing and training seminars. I compete in nosework, obedience and tracking trials.